Frequently Asked Questions
What is the process to buy a lot?

We provide a simple buying process, if you are buying a lot cash, we will send you a Sales contract, then proceed to close.  We will close with an attorney, title company or notary.  The process can take a few days or up to 60 days just based on how we proceed, and how backed up the title company or attorneys are.  Closing through a notary is often the fastest and simplest way but may not be suitable depending on the situation.

If you are wanting to seller finance a lot we will use either a Lease purchase agreement or we will create a Note. This again is a simple process as well.  We do no credit checks and can often start the process within days, unless the title company is creating the Note. 

A Note is a recorded instrument that will allow the lot to go in your name while we hold the loan.  If a default occurs this type of instrument will need foreclosed on.  A Lease purchase agreement is a contract that the deed is not recorded in your name until the loan is paid in full. This is a simpler process for buying land on terms.

Why are your properties so cheap?

Land Access LLC is a investing company that works to buy and sell real estate at a discount.  We do this so that we can move the properties faster than traditional ways of selling.  We market the properties more aggressively and work with buyers and sellers in non-traditional ways that can help deals close faster.  It is our goal to buy and sell at a discount.

How do I know what to look for when buying land?

Land Access LLC wants to make sure you are educated in buying land so we provide a due diligence list for when buying and we have a video on what you need to know when buying land.  We also will provide you with the necessary Parcel ID numbers and phone numbers so you can do your needed due diligence on property that you are interested in purchasing.  We want to make sure you are getting the information you need to make a wise purchase.

Are you a real estate agent?

Christina Walls is a real estate agent but she does not work as a traditional agent.  She buys and sells property as the principle and works as an investor.  You can not hire her as a traditional real estate agent, she buys and sells her own properties or sells the contracts she has.  We are open to work with agents when they have a buyer or a good deal to share with us.